Vaisala Wind Transmitter WAT12

Converts the digital data supplied by the mechanical Vaisala wind sensors into industry standard analog current loops – one for speed, the other for direction.


  • Converts the digital data supplied by the Vaisala Wind Set 15 and the Vaisala Wind Set 25 into two industry standard analog current loops;one for speed,the other for direction
  • Suitable for nearly any input type
  • Provides the sensors with a throughput for optional heating power​


Technical Specifications

Signal input from sensors

Wind direction 6-bit parallel GRAY code
(optionally 7 bits)
​Wind speed ​Pulse frequency 0…750 Hz

Operating environment

Operating temperature -55…+55 °C (-67…+131 °F)
​Storage temperature ​-60…+70 °C (-76…+158 °F)

Inputs and outputs

​Input operating

12…28 VDC,30 mA
​Output sensor power
On-board regulated to 10.7 VDC typically
​Outputs ​Two analog current loops, one for direction, one for speed. High-side drivers; the loops return to the common signal & power ground. Loop driving voltage 10 V typ.
​Loop current optons
0…5 mA, 1…5 mA, 0…10 mA, 2…10 mA, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA

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