DQA340 is the ideal solution for the measurement of volumetric moisture in soils and other porous materials. The sensor is based on TDR technology (Time Domain Reflectometry), ensuring good accuracy even in very wet soils, and without special calibration for mineral soils. Using its rods, the sensor can be inserted in the material for 11 cm. It measures both soil moisture (0-100% range) and temperature.

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LSI DQA800 Water Quality

Optimized combinations of sensors and accessories for water quality monitoring applications in all environmental water sources, such as rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater aquifers. Not applicable in very dirty waters as landfill plant percolate water reservoirs. User’s selection of available sensors to provide data for temperature (always included), conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, ORP and depth. Central cleaning system remove the fouling from the sensors reducing maintenance frequency and permits to the sensors to be installed where fouling and sediments are abundant. Sensor has serial output, it can be connected to RS232 port of the LSI LASTEM data acquisition system

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LSI DYI010 Automatic evaporimeter

LSI-LASTEM evaporimeter pan and plastic platform are built to WMO standards for class “A” evaporimeters. The pan is made in stainless steel. The platform is made of white plastic. The pan features a stainless steel still well fit to contain the evaporimeter level sensor. The sensor consists of a piezometric water level sensor with analogue output for easy connection to any data acquisition systems. LSI-LASTEM data loggers can manage the switching of a solenoid valve for the automatic refill of water (when the measured level is below 25 cm).

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