METRANET 2 – Radar Data Processor (RDP)

The METRANET2 software package is a comprehensive and powerful Radar Data Processor (RDP) suite designed to equip new weather radar systems, or to retrofit existing ones. 


The open METRANET2 architecture offers the most demanding users fully programmable operations with easy integration of “User created Products”. 

The standard output formats guarantee full compatibility with other vendors’ systems and scientific communities.


METRANET 2 Key Features


  • Data Processing complete configurability (pre-processing, product generation and post-processing), even using User created scripts and products
  • Can be interfaced, by means of the ELDES radar single and control processor “PERSER-PC” to any existing weather Radar for retrofit purposes
  • Real time system status monitoring for maintenance purposes and data quality assessment
  • Support of single and multi-radar/multi-brand networks
  • Wide variety of reflectivity, precipitation, wind velocity, hydrometeor classification, nowcasting and converting products
  • Every user can customize the product display layout
  • Possibility to create custom layers (overlay and underlay) in KLM/images formats
  • Linux OS
  • WEB based architecture allows the Radar management and monitoring from any standard PC equipped with a standard browser
  • Data export in the most common graphic formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, as well as in the more widely used standard encoding like Opera BUFR, HDF5, MDV, NEXRAD Level II
  • Data import from foreign radar and composite with local ones
  • Automatic data recovery in case of momentary loss of connection with the radar
  • Off-line product generation and volume preview from archived data
  • Polar volumes export for 3D viewer

Download the technical sheet

Download the technical sheet