WR – 10X

The WR-10X is a valuable tool for real-time monitoring of weather phenomena in areas with complex topography.

It can be used advantageously at both urban and regional levels, or as a gap filler for an existing network.


A mobile version can be deployed quickly in situations where meteorological alerts arise in areas with significant hydrological risks, becoming an important tool for civil protection emergencies.

The possibility of WR-10X cluster networking allows the system coverage to be extended practically without limit. The result is a unique image that combines the data collected by all the radar units included in the network.


Thanks to the use of the latest technology, as well as the capital, installation, and operating costs of WR-10X radar networks, these are an attractive alternative to the traditional high-power, large-size, weather radar approach.

A comprehensive set of the most common radar output data, the so-called “weather products”, is provided with the system, and thanks to the open software architecture, additional or customized products can be easily added later.


The control and display software has a very intuitive GUI and the possibility to be web visualized. The system can be remotely controlled, operated, and tested, resulting in no requirement to access the radar site for standard operations.


ELDES is based in Italy but thanks to our Service Department, supported by our Distributor network, we can easily reach all parts of the world, ensuring support for installation and commissioning, constant assistance and quick response times throughout the product lifetime.

Gap filling, storm prevention, research, hydrology, transportation, outdoor events… All easier now with WR-10X

Key Features

  • X-Band magnetron TX (10KW peak power)
  • Single Polarization
  • Compact antenna <3° beam width with fixed or programmable elevation 0° to 180°
  • Max range 108Km
  • Kit for mobile installation
  • Small size radome 0.9m x 1.3m, <90Kg
  • Low electrical power consumption