The WR-25XP is the flagship product of the ELDES’ X-Band mini radar family, characterized by a price/performance ratio that is unique on the market.


The capacity to operate in simultaneous dual-polarization and Doppler capabilities make WR-25XP an ideal instrument for the most advanced radar hydro-meteorological application, as well as for medium-scale civil protection uses.

Given its small size and weight, the WR-25XP can even be installed on a light trailer for quick relocation to areas open to hydrological risk, or to areas with high concentration of people for civil protection needs.


Its cluster networking ability allows the system coverage to be extended practically without limit. The resulting image produces mosaics, integrating the data collected by all the sensors making up the network.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology, as well as the capital, installation, and operating costs of WR-25XP radars networks, these are a very attractive alternatives to the traditional high-power, large-size, weather radar approach.


A powerful Linux Workstation, typically installed in the Radar Control Centre or near the radar itself, processes the polar data of the three-dimensional spaces containing the instances acquired by one or more radars. The result is the generation of a large number of reflectivity and Doppler products, usually only available with considerably more expensive weather radars.

Furthermore, by means of the differential parameters measured, thanks to dual polarization, a reliable classification of hydrometeors is possible. At the same time, the Doppler processing allows for instantaneous estimation of the turbulence velocity vectors.


The products can be displayed through a simple graphic user interface; the Metranet2, for immediate use, even by non–experts. The data and weather maps produced can be even displayed through WEB Clients, either supplied by ELDES or third parties. The WR-25XP can be installed in unattended stations as it can be remotely controlled, and it can transmit pre-processed data.


ELDES is based in Italy but thanks to our Service Department, supported by our Distributor network, we can easily reach all parts of the world, ensuring constant support and quick response times.

Gap filling, storm prevention, research, hydrology, transportation, harbour and airport activity, outdoor events… Anticipate the future with WR-25XP.

Key Features

  • X-Band magnetron TX (25KW peak power)
  • Simultaneous Dual Polarization & Doppler processing
  • Compact antenna 2.5° beam width with programmable elevation -10° to 120°
  • Max range 120Km
  • Kit for mobile installation
  • Small size radome 1.2m x 1.4m, <150Kg
  • Low power electrical consumption